Second Retreat

The city of Antipolo, Rizal, is well-known for famous resorts, retreats and rest house. The cold air that remains in the province is significant for an organization to de-stress somehow or temporarily forget the urban life. Since September, a union from different officers of the Legion of Mary (LOM) Senior Curia planned to have a retreat on December 6-7, 2014 at Our Lady of Antipolo Retreat House,  for all the members of LOM in Holy Family Parish to gather, relax, enjoy, and to know Jesus as well as Mother Mary. According to the head of staff that remains years ago, this houses the seminarians before as an Assumption Building. It is owned by the Diocese of Antipolo. 

But first, how to go to the Our Lady of Antipolo Retreat House?

1.) From Holy Family Parish, Kapitolyo Pasig City as starting point, ride a green trike which is a member of KATODA. Unload to MESCO and spare Php 14.00.
2.) After that, ride another red trike and unload to Crossing United/Mayflower St. Fair: Php 14.00.
3.) Take another ride on Fx having a boundary of Antipolo - Crossing (Vice Versa) or Tanay - Crossing (Vice Versa). Unload to SSS Antipolo having a fair of Php 50.00 if its via Antipolo only, but spare Php 70.00 if its Tanay.
4.) Load on to trike infront of Jolibee and tell the driver to took you at St. Michael Retreat House, beside is the Our Lady of Antipolo Retreat House.

Now, the retreat house is divided into four major rooms: refectory, chapel and the confession room, the function hall, and the dorms.

1.) Refrain unnecessary noise
2.) Maintain cleanliness
3.) Refectory Rules:
 (a) Do not leave utensils on the table
 (b) Place bowls, cups, glass, spoon and fork, and plates properly at the kitchen window.
 (c) Food Servings: (may adjust depending on the sessions)
     - Breakfast at 7:00 AM
     - Snacks at 10:00 AM
     - Lunch at 12:00 NN
     - Snacks at 4:00 PM
     - Dinner at 7:00 PM
4.) Turn off cellphones (if not put in Silent mode or Vibrating Mode)
5.) Proper usage of Comfort Room