The Ten (10) Things I Should Always Bring

A bag could tie up things which are more important for consumption throughout the day. These things are the most relevant to each tasks assigned that we adapted on our daily lives. Sometimes I just have to remind myself for keeping things up for which I'm responsible to.  So, here is the list:

1. PEN
    Pen is important for jotting down notes that attracted you, especially designed for students and professionals. All the circuits of information are gathered and releases at its tiniest ball at the tip of the pen. I think it is the great portable device that exists nowadays as invention. The liabilities of life is dictated by what is happening to us, same as how they write the “his-story” through plume. Through pen, the notes you wrote will be recalled, as a means of bringing back an image or idea from the past into the mind which was lost or scattered. It implies a keeping memory that may seem effortless or unwilled. Your recorded data shall surpass years. Indeed, nothing to worry about its weight for it is not more than 3g. Therefore, YOU MUST BRING THIS!

       Our bag is an immediate source of our needs and one of them is to quench our thirst. Since I was a grade-schooler my Mom would wrap up the towel and placed it in a clean plastic and sometimes she does put a rubber band just not to moisten in my bag. A great source of energy that will give you a rejuvenating power to work out during the most of the day. If placed in the freezer, it probably give me a shocking cold even until 12 noon. A powerful liquid that relaxes my mouth and give me a desire to eat my lunch. This could be a potent source of remembering information by drinking water before taking exams. Because it refreshes our brain. Sometimes I do crave vehemently whenever I run out of water in my bag. Some of my classmates would drink it up until the last drop. See, I was just not able to feed myself, but others, and it is fun to share. Therefore, YOU MUST BRING THIS!

      Since our body is like a thermometer that can detect the hotness and coldness of the surrounding, this is essential. This is something for protection under the heat of the ray of light or against the freezing rain. Today's umbrella are available in a myriad of styles, colors, shapes, fabrics and sizes. For size, it is convenient if foldable. For family size much better with straight umbrellas (but do not insert it in the bag LOL :D). Generally, it is more accessible if it has summed the quality of automatic, classic, artistic, and pocket-type. Automatic for simple usage, classic for its foldable, overwhelming and common, artistic for such intimate designs and UV protection, and lastly pocket-type for small, portable and light-weight. Based on my experiences, we cannot predict occurrences, whether sunny or rainy. Some weather forecast can still prove wrong. Therefore, YOU MUST BRING THIS!

       This is funny that we should bring this one, but in case of emergency, we are ready. We don’t know what will be the activities in our school or in our work that might be so gross. An extra clothe can be very much helpful while traveling back home, you don’t need to worry about sanitation. Well, if you can handle yourself throughout the activities of the entire day without being muddy, you can just take some extra towels or handkerchief. But I prefer white for this one, representing that you are completely cleaned after the activities. Therefore, YOU MUST BRING THIS!

       We are normally drenched or bathed in sweat after the entire day or workout. This is caused by the heat of the sun or any dreadful activities of the day (such as thesis, dissertations, term papers and etc.). Especially during submission of these we tend to crammed in the computer shops just to get with it. For commuter, there is always pollution on the road. To cover our face, to cover our nose, and to cover our mouth (when sneezing). Sometimes using a handkerchief can be very descent during the interviews. During physical education times, it must be a part of our hygiene. Therefore, YOU MUST BRING THIS!

       This might look petty but surely has a vital role at times. Sometimes I tend to cram myself to music. Something that I really tend to listen to during transportation from school to home or vice versa. Music is one way of relieving stress. Psychology says that 5 songs per day can help to lessen the risk of having brain cancer. It gives me strenuous or stamina throughout the day. Also, my mood can be based depending on the type of music I’m listening to. But I insist listening to pop music because it has evolved into different style on this modern era. This thing is paired with #10. Humdrum times is inevitable, this is the only way on how to escape. Therefore, YOU MUST BRING THIS!

     This is absolutely a sine qua non for being a Catholic to bring one of your armors in prayers against the opponents. I always bring this whenever I situated to instant prayer meeting or formation gathering in our parish. I don't know but when I forget this one, my life on that day is incomplete. I could imagine blaming myself why I would just freak out. This has become part of me and my bag, as essential to remain vigor despite the indolence of life and our habitude, through the profession of faith. And since I was inspired bringing this since the day my best friend gave it to me. Therefore, YOU MUST BRING THIS!

       This should have been paired with #1, without both its futile. I recommend to bring notebook for certain circumstances like if you're doing diary stuffs or recording data. This is the thing that speak to me if I'm having my appointment. This would somehow reteach me my lecture notes, remembering it for pop-quizzes. As a student its a must, but the other would bring notebook as a gadgets, but I believe I still patronize notebooks. Since elementary we  are counting on these stuffs. A good student must utilized more than one-hundred notebooks on his entire life. Therefore, YOU MUST BRING THIS!

      Whether we like it or not, we tend to bring moneys everywhere as a medium of exchange. Our money took us everywhere to any places and even to our success as there is no project done without usage of money. As a portmanteau, our wallet typically can bring both IDs, credit cards and moneys. We should always keep it in our bag, not in our pocket. As inserted in the pocket, an article says that we don't sit well due to imbalance of the pelvic bone and spine and thus giving you backache. Much better if putted in the bag. Therefore, YOU MUST BRING THIS!

         Lastly, a cellular phone is important for an instant call, update and your response of course. It can give you satisfaction on your idle moments (such as playing games, taking pictures, having a soundtrip, voice recording, and etc.).  Nowadays, the innovation of technology had made things fine and more simple. We humans tend to adjust on what our modern time gives. For me, the usage of the cellular phone is for storage and for evangelization. Others, might be Therefore, YOU MUST BRING THIS!