Biyernes, Pebrero 16, 2018

Why visit Dessert Museum?

I checked one of my 2K18 goals by visiting such a unique museum located at Unit 124, 126, 127a, S Maison, Coral Way, Conrad Hotel Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Barangay 76, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila. It was Saturday and best come in your most defined outfit. Eight (8) mouthwatering rooms will fulfill your "sweet dream." These are: World of Donut, Marsh Mallows, Candy Cane (Nice/Naughty), Ice Cream, Bubblegum, Gummy Bear, Cotton Candy Groves, and Cake Factory. You should bring your friends and experience the best and the newest instagrammable place as if no one could replace that sugar rush.

This is how you advertise Dessert Museum in a bollywood way.

Linggo, Enero 21, 2018

When is Someday?


When I was a young kid,
moments there that  I was once used to distinguish colors,
moments there that I remembered the sunday golden mornings,
moments there that I'm sick and wanted to get out my daily routines,
moments that piece of writings and readings are marked ingenuity,
problems from left to right were never-gone and cascaded.
Moments that I used to ask when is someday?

At twelve, I started to recognize to whom do I cry with,
Why do I cry, and when will I cry.
Sooner, I'm asking the same old question,
When is the soonest someday that I will be,
Will I be a teacher since I used to play that role?
Will I be a performer even if it's just in my wildest dream?
Will I be a clerk? or a lawyer? or a judge? or a doctor?
But when is someday?

Also, when I was younger too,
I used to think about what mad scientist thought,
to once substitute their mind so I can see them,
so that I could used to be like them,
so that I could used to think like them,
I wish I had a grandfather who was born like ‘em,
And that someday I could be like them.
But when is someday!

Later, I found myself caught in between,
that if I wanted to voice out my opinion or not,
that I had groups of enemies and my family,
that if I'd self-same or hybrid,
that if I'd go with them or old-style,
that if I caught them in the eye or just nimble my shadow,
that if we're on parallel universe or multiverse.
I wanted to choose one, but,
When is someday!

I chose to be a microscope,
not a scene in a death note or fable,
botany rather than technology,
guided by three Ruler and a bit star.
Occasionally finding someone true,
Typically same and humble,
Technically smart and futile,
Obviously pink and clever.
If there's more things missing,
When is someday?

I found my love at 21,
I never saw him coming.
His asian eyes flash with sparkling nodes,
I gave my own language and said "this is it,"
We swore off forever and ever,
We had golden rules, and rule a kingdom once,
Castle built with bricks of the past were falling,
I swore to God I never let go,
For this love is like a sweet state embargo.

But in spite of when is someday it was gone -
The world ticks and flew fast,
memorized body language faded,
sparks never gain second chances,
sweet disasters and fire starters,
my love is a goner, though he's the answer,
to my 'Where is Somedays?'
When will I find someone like you again?
For I look in every face, he's no you.
When is someday?

Today, 22, I realize one big thing.
To not question myself to when is someday,
to not stick to my guts about when is someday,
to believe in my spirit that there is someday,
to continue praise God, even if there's no someday,
to believe that the most pain will have end-day,
not swim against the current,
not give in one blow,
not give my all,
not fall in love again at the wrong time,
but if there's still the chance,
me and my longing heart would ask,
When is Someday?

Lunes, Enero 8, 2018



I look up for North Star, this serves as my guide.
I travel 50 miles for this love if I could bring you back.
You could just hang in there and I come-forth to save us!
I knew love was real yet its broken, but can be reforged.

I love that dreamer lover boy anyway...

I never see patterns and signs that you are leaving,
I beg and drowned and died for like everyday in my life.
I used some pinterest points to conceal what you have damaged, and
If possibly could use some potion just to get you back.

Cause I love that dreamer lover boy...

I saw it in your eyes, 
you could have cryin’ 
but you hold it back for more.
I started explainin'
how my strength is pulling me about.
Before I explode my love just baby understand.
And I keep saying these words, 
since you're long gone and gone and gone...

But I love what he dreamt 'bout me all...

The constant reason you had blamed me with no affirmations.
You accused yourself darling with your "fix someone's wagon."
You came into someone’s life to destruct what they’ve prepared for,
Let karma arrived in your most convenient time.

Yet, I love that dreamer lover boy!...

You can’t take temptations, and you are living with your past.
I cannot guarantee I’m being safe in your arms now.
The moments you sacrificed, left in pieces I hold on.
You broke me, delete me in your life.

I LOVE YOU dreamer lover boy!

I saw it in your eyes 
you could have cryin’ 
but you hold it back for more
I started explainin'
how my strength is pulling me about
Before I explode my love just baby understand

And I keep saying these words 
since you're long gone and gone and gone...

That... dreamer lover boy!

P.S. To the one I love

Sabado, Enero 6, 2018

Levels of Understanding

1. Historical basis
This type of persons involves understanding in historical approach, as he digs down past stories to connect rebuts in the present tense. Examples are trials in the court.

2. Case to Case Support
This type of person substitute himself to support one side that is based on his own experiences. He alluded arguments that testifies his own decision that happened on previous cases or point of his life. Examples under this category are your friends.

3. Mutual Understanding
One type of person that understands another through mutually de-vowing each other. Examples under this are couples and formers.

4. Bloodline
The person is usually argued or understand biasedly referring to his family tree. Examples on this category are mother to child, grandmother vs. grandchild, cousin vs. cousin.

5. Physiological
This person intrgues understanding while uses psychological or kokological principles. Example professionals vs. victims, psychiatrist vs. patience.

6. Mentality
The person understands another while basing on levels of mentality. Examples bosses to staff, mother to childhood.

7. Hierarchy
The person has the ability to understand another based on professional positioning or ranking of another. Examples presidents vs. cabinet, mayor to citizens, doctor to patience.

8. Biblical
The person seek to understand another on religious approach. Examples priest vs. the one who confess.

Level 1: Complete Package (1-8)
Level 2: IQ (1,5,6,7)
Level 3: EQ (2,3,4,8)
Level 4: One-sided (one to two of 8's)

Martes, Enero 2, 2018

I Saw 'Em Crying

I Saw 'Em Crying

"I think study of crying, more than is the case for any other emotional expression, may help us to obtain a better insight into human nature," says the American Psychological Association.

Do you have friends that was lost?
.. that they can't free their mind and making them uneasy?

Had anyone ever sought you to release their emotional tension?

Or have you ever became a mediator for them to share and bit handle their situation they've been experiencing? What you'd tell them?

How about your mother?

Is it really hard for us to see and hear her cries? Why?

Time to reflect... Why do we cry?

(to be continue...)

The Modern Romeo & Juliet (M2M)


This is what I do when idle, I actually write down ideas on my iphone's notes while waiting to fix my motorcycle at the shop. This was written in less than 20 minutes with no erasure. Hope you like it.

Sometimes I just wanna die,
There’s still this emptiness inside me.
Everyday feeling incomplete,
My cries and screams are locked inside me.

You can’t really fix your mess,
I don’t care I love you like flawless.
Its been months of anticipation,
I demand some time and inspiration.

All of a sudden I thought it was me,
But then I realize that the fault is really in me.
I fell hard then you took a step back.
I want you back, desperately win back.

I’ll search for limestones and aubergine,
To make my feeling satisfy.
But it wasn’t you, on the line,
The next moment I found myself with lye - I poisoned myself.

And this spirit was long gone and will not mend,
Thought a brokenheart is not broken but bend.
I found myself here in hell lying on ditches,
Because my kneecap scraped from keep on asking in heaven’s above for you to reach out.

Then you became a subtle paragon,
With an immerse flying objects around you.
Each time you deliberate,
It makes no sense that your life doesn’t make sense too - because you missed me!

Even though how many times you bumped your head - the wall didn’t break.
How many times you wished for peace - the gift didn’t come your way.
Because you lose patience and the sudden change of your mind.

You might be thinking:
“I supposed to show him the love he deserve,
I could’ve spend forever with him,
I could’ve been the happiest person ever,
but I lost him, since I pretend I was a stronger person than before.”

You searched for aubergine but you lost track.
Each time you deal with them, you have lost your mind and senses.
You pray that love would come your way the same page and chapter I’ve shown.
But you realise that was too late for you, too late.. for you.

Days past, you feel like being invisible as if never existed.
The same way I felt when I lost you ‘round October.
Then you drink a lye, body lay - satisfy!
Maybe love could win and end this way.

P.S. To the one I love.

Lunes, Disyembre 18, 2017


I Am Quality

Who do you think you are? 
Who told you to make errands without consulting me? 
Who else gonna stay with me when the world turn against me?

I am quality. 
I reign all the released goods on each industry. 
I supposed to manage and rule the process due from commence to conclude. 
My spirit never lost in the absence of most eyes and the presence of individuals or midst. 

It remains the same and never change through time, time after time. It would pass through the geologic time scale of a set of rebuttal arguments and conjugation to declare my very own disreputable act in nature.

Sometimes I might vary in some forms, some patterns and some ways, yet the idea ends selfsame. My essence shall not comfortably give up by anyone for I am resilient, powerful and my fans - are global. I tend to rise like an ambulance, yet not to terrorized, if any disaster or catastrophe arises within my premises and anything surrounds this vicinity. By all these means, I conquer all from the naked eye to a tunneling membrane to the unbearable type of dust.

It saddens me most when authority deprives and consequently took me for granted or took advantage of my weakness or pointing out a pointless list or took me from their end. I might never suffice your intentions, but inner intentions kept battling for the same and for no good reason. 

Each midnight passed and I pray for my sole dignity - that one day I would stand up though vultures start forming a halo around my head. My voice would take my lungs out of that great shout, for I provoke all these rights to start my own campaign like a rebel youth. Spread out or evangelize, if possible. 

I am quality.

Why visit Dessert Museum?

I checked one of my 2K18 goals by visiting such a unique museum located at  Unit 124, 126, 127a, S Maison, Coral Way, Conrad Hotel Manila,...