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Binibini, Tumatanggap Ka Pa Ba Ng Tula?

Ni Joshua Alcantara

Binibini, tumatanggap ka pa ba ng tula? Tinatablan ka pa ba ng matatamis na salita? Nasubukan mo na bang mahulog sa isang makata? Tatlong katanungan ang inihain ko - At 'wag sanang umiling ang iyong ulo Tatlong katanungang umaasang sagutin mo'y oo Yung may magkakaparehong tunog na salita
Binibini, nakakakilala ka pa ba ng tugma? Nakakakilala ka pa ba ng linya? Saknong na may pinagsama sama upang magdugtong? Linyang may pinagsamasamang salita? Nakakakilala ka pa ba ng saknong? O mas mabuting tanungin ko sa'yo sinta Na tumanggap ng bulaklak kaysa tula
Binibini, nakakakilala ka pa ba ng tula? Marahil hindi na tulang pinag isipan Dahil sinanay ka ng ibang Adan Na tumanggap ng stuffed toy na naglalakihan Kaysa sa tulang may pagmamahal na nilalaman. Mas sinanay ka ng ibang lalaki Na tumanggap ng tsokolate kaysa tulang may nais ipasabi Naiintindihan ko, kung bakit hindi na nakakakilala ng tula yang puso mo Kaya heto't nagsulat ako Ng tulang magsisilbing s…

Sa Bilang Ng Lima, Limot Na Kita

Ni Joshua Alcantara

Isa... Nag-aalangan pa,  Kung kakayanin ba, Pipigilan ang sarili na manabik sayo sinta. Mga panahong kapiling ka na magiging isang magandang ala-ala.
Dalawa... Buo na ang aking pasya! Mga pariralang hinandog sayo'y pupunitin ko na, Mga huling piyesang binuo ko sabay sa patak ng luha, Paghihintay't pagmamamahal ay nauwi sa isa namang pantasya.
Tatlo!  Ang puso kong may puyo, Mangulit pa sa'yo ay ano. Sumpaang pag-ibig na hanggang dulo -  Sinuko ng walang sabi't paano.
Apat - salamat na lamang sa lahat! Sa mga labis, pagkukulang na sayo'y di sapat. Saang matarik na bundok man ako mapadpad, Ibang guhit ng ating mga palad.
Lima!  "Mahal pa din kita" Katagang di na muling masasabi pa. Napatunayan ang mundo'y magkaiba, Isaalang alang ka na lamang sa makapagbibigay ng tunay na ligaya.

Inedit Ni: Robbietobby

Why visit Dessert Museum?

I checked one of my 2K18 goals by visiting such a unique museum located at Unit 124, 126, 127a, S Maison, Coral Way, Conrad Hotel Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Barangay 76, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila. It was Saturday and best come in your most defined outfit. Eight (8) mouthwatering rooms will fulfill your "sweet dream." These are: World of Donut, Marsh Mallows, Candy Cane (Nice/Naughty), Ice Cream, Bubblegum, Gummy Bear, Cotton Candy Groves, and Cake Factory. You should bring your friends and experience the best and the newest instagrammable place as if no one could replace that sugar rush.

This is how you advertise Dessert Museum in a bollywood way.

When is Someday?

When I was a young kid, moments there that  I was once used to distinguish colors, moments there that I remembered the sunday golden mornings,
moments there that I'm sick and wanted to get out my daily routines,
moments that piece of writings and readings are marked ingenuity,
problems from left to right were never-gone and cascaded.
Moments that I used to ask when is someday?

At twelve, I started to recognize to whom do I cry with,
Why do I cry, and when will I cry.
Sooner, I'm asking the same old question,
When is the soonest someday that I will be,
Will I be a teacher since I used to play that role?
Will I be a performer even if it's just in my wildest dream?
Will I be a clerk? or a lawyer? or a judge? or a doctor?
But when is someday?
Also, when I was younger too, I used to think about what mad scientist thought, to once substitute their mind so I can see them, so that I could used to be like them, so that I could used to think like them, I wish I had a gr…



I look up for North Star, this serves as my guide. I travel 50 miles for this love if I could bring you back. You could just hang in there and I come-forth to save us! I knew love was real yet its broken, but can be reforged.

I love that dreamer lover boy anyway...

I never see patterns and signs that you are leaving, I beg and drowned and died for like everyday in my life. I used some pinterest points to conceal what you have damaged, and If possibly could use some potion just to get you back.
Cause I love that dreamer lover boy...

I saw it in your eyes, 
you could have cryin’ 
but you hold it back for more. I started explainin'
how my strength is pulling me about. Before I explode my love just baby understand. And I keep saying these words, 
since you're long gone and gone and gone...

But I love what he dreamt 'bout me all...

The constant reason you had blamed me with no affirmations. You accused yourself darling with your "fix someone's wagon."

Levels of Understanding

1. Historical basis
This type of persons involves understanding in historical approach, as he digs down past stories to connect rebuts in the present tense. Examples are trials in the court.

2. Case to Case Support
This type of person substitute himself to support one side that is based on his own experiences. He alluded arguments that testifies his own decision that happened on previous cases or point of his life. Examples under this category are your friends.

3. Mutual Understanding
One type of person that understands another through mutually de-vowing each other. Examples under this are couples and formers.

4. Bloodline
The person is usually argued or understand biasedly referring to his family tree. Examples on this category are mother to child, grandmother vs. grandchild, cousin vs. cousin.

5. Physiological
This person intrgues understanding while uses psychological or kokological principles. Example professionals vs. victims, psychiatrist vs. patience.

6. Mentality
The person u…

I Saw 'Em Crying

I Saw 'Em Crying
"I think study of crying, more than is the case for any other emotional expression, may help us to obtain a better insight into human nature," says the American Psychological Association.

Do you have friends that was lost?
.. that they can't free their mind and making them uneasy?

Had anyone ever sought you to release their emotional tension?

Or have you ever became a mediator for them to share and bit handle their situation they've been experiencing? What you'd tell them?

How about your mother?

Is it really hard for us to see and hear her cries? Why?

Time to reflect... Why do we cry?

(to be continue...)